Trainers will need to be students not teachers

The Editor,  The Sunday Star-Times,  Auckland

08 June, 2015

Dear Editor:

The NZ training unit in Iraq is running into a situation where government troops have not stood up to ISIS in some cases.  But is it accurate to use the word ‘coward’ in those cases?  Those military difficulties arise out of the political and cultural situation in Iraq.  No amount of ‘training’ of troops is going to overcome that.

In fact it is unreal to expect the NZ contingent to be the teacher.  They should be there as a student.   They may be capable of taking an honest look around while there and come back with greater insight.  But would they be allowed to share it?  The decision to send them was political, so NZ can be part of the ‘club’, not to help the Iraqis progress with self determination.


Richard Keller





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