Gordon Campbell lampoons Treasury advice

The Editor, The Wellingtonian                                        16 July, 2015

Dear Editor;

Gordon Campbell’s joyous lampooning of typical Treasury advice, especially the current one about closing down the rail system, deserves to be savoured, frequently, hence this letter.

His description calling Treasury advice typically “Looney Tunes” is apropos to the political discussion in New Zealand. For years, Green Party policies have been called ‘looney’, but today it looks like those critics were borrowing the term from a subconscious plea, “Please Treasury, keep putting out your ‘looney’ advice so we can avoid the sensible policies of the Greens”.

Bright beams of insight like Gordon’s article, along with for example John Campbell’s suggestion, before the 2014 election – and before he was sacked – that it would be useful to examine whether John Key was a psychopath, are all too rare but when loosed pose a threat to the status quo of the looney (more accurately ‘desperate’) right. Hopefully they will serve to enhance the political discussion in NZ, rather than prompt pressure towards the pulling of a most needed voice in The Wellingtonian.


Richard Keller

published  23/07/2015


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