Is the private motor car sacred?

The Editor,  The Wellingtonian,  Wellington

15 September, 2015

Dear Editor:

Stephen Tubbs (Wellingtonian, 10/09) makes a wonderfully subtle “kings new clothes” observation when he says, “When we debate congestion it seems to be a given that all the traffic needs to be there.” So often advocates of alternatives, such as public transport or cycling, are accused of suggesting the disappearance of the motorcar when they promote reductions in traffic.

It is true that the challenges of transport and the need for carbon emission reduction are profound, but what transport will look like in the future is not clear. What form will the personal motor car take?  Cycling and public transport advocates do not say categorically the motor car must go, so anyone who implies they do say so sounds a bit desperate. What are they afraid of?


Richard Keller

published 24 Sept.


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