Resignation evident in dairy farmer’s response to TPPA

The Editor,  The Press,  Christchurch

07 October, 2015

Dear Editor:

The resignation evident in the responses of dairy farmers to the underwhelming TPPA deal announced this week is illustrative of the general loss of self respect which the New Zealand public exhibits after decades of attack by so-called neoliberal economics. After all the rhetoric from negotiator Tim Groser over a period of months, even years, you might have thought farmers would be outraged at the result.

It is clear that dairy farmers understand they will be subservient to the global corporations of the larger economies, especially those backed by the United States. This will also be true for all sectors of the New Zealand economy not just dairy. The winners will be those with interests in, and dealings with the global corporations, whether New Zealanders or Americans or whoever, to the continuing detriment of common working people and with the devastating gap between rich and poor continuing to widen.


Richard Keller


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