Deja Vu on West’s “war” response to violence

The Editor,  The Auckland Herald,  Auckland

20 November, 2015

Dear Editor:

ISIS seems to have picked the right target in France given the response by the French Prime Minister, “War!”, “We will destroy ISIS”.  This is precisely what ISIS wants; they know that war in the Middle East waged by outsiders, namely the West and Russia, is a great recruiting tool to their cause. 

It is easy to recognize the provocation process for recruiting that ISIS is waging in that it is the same as al-Qaeda’s strategy in attacking the Twin Towers in New York in 2001.  Osama bin Laden’s writings have revealed this strategy, specifically hoping for an invasion and the Cheney/Bush administration obliged for their own desperate reasons.  As the 9/11 attacks have played such a big part in the shaping of global relationships in the last 14 years it is eeiry that France (and Russia over the Russian airliner crash) seem to have fallen for that again.  In a world full of nuclear weapons that response is suicidal.  What is it about our time in history that brings out a suicidal response?


Richard Keller


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