National Govt hypocrisy evident in Paris and Wellington

The Editor,  The Wellingtonian,  Wellington

03 December, 2015

Dear Editor:

The open hypocrisy of John Key at the climate change summit in Paris calling for the phasing out of fossil fuel subsidies coupled with his own government’s subsidies for oil exploration in New Zealand waters, alongside weak carbon reduction promises and the lack of any substantial carbon reduction programs at home, will be noticed by international delegates at the talks and will not sit well.

But National’s approach is not aimed at the climate talks; it is aimed squarely at politics here in NZ.  To keep up the old myth that New Zealand has a clean and green culture on the one hand and on the other hand the government doing nothing substantial about climate change is the perfect pair for a terrified NZ electorate today.  That combination is precisely why Key and the national government have been consistently popular with the electorate over the last few years through so much controversy and so many things going wrong.

This may be a sign that the electorate of New Zealand is satisfied to withdraw from the world and try to hide from itself here in the far away South Pacific.  But politics is notoriously fickle and the real world may influence startling and sudden political changes as events happen.


Richard Keller

published 17 Dec in abbreviated form – leaving out last paragraph.  Also left out ‘open’.  These are both key elements of this letter.





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