Letter to The Progressive, Madison, Wisconsin

02 Jan, 2016

The Editor;  The Progessive magazine

Madison, Wisconsin, USA

Dear Ruth;

Your column “The Center Cannot Hold” fails to discuss the tendency for those on the edge, people of color including immigrants, to join the consumer “center” when the opportunity arises. Western culture, especially the USA, has become a consumer society; how fundamental is that?  Will those who are new to the majority simply change the demographics without adjusting the habits of the consumer center?

This question is important because, as Scott Russell Sanders says, there is a moral responsibility to consume less of the world’s goods. To put another way ala Naomi Klein, the “story” of our culture is built on exploitation which has allowed the growth of the consumer culture topped off by the increasing dominance of finance over real value.

Implications are that the campaign to create a just and sustainable future will need to feature the big picture, the story, the ideology underpinning the economy of our culture, and then consequentially the political.


Richard Keller





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