Breathless editorial about bikeway

The Editor,  The Wellingtonian,  Wellington

25 January, 2016

Dear Editor:

Throw them out at the next election (!) your editorial (14 Jan) says, naming and shaming the offending counsellors. Whoa!  What did they do?  Receive some monetary graft with an ensuing conspiracy to cover up?   Approve a wasteful $300m on an airport runway extension?  Neither.  They approved a $1.7m bikeway for Island Bay. 

Finally there is some real momentum to build bikeways in Wellington. Way overdue.  Perhaps this editorial breathlessness is what happens when actions finally replace words challenging the absolute dominance of the motor car.

Has safety been the top priority in the design and construction of the bikeway? Not an easy thing to accomplish in the city with an excess of vehicular traffic and consequent excess of parking to contend with.  It will probably take barriers to separate bike traffic from motor traffic, but looking ahead there should be more bikes and fewer cars.

It looks like the editorial writer is blowing this up out of proportion because he(she) is afraid of the future, a very common ‘disease’ in New Zealand these days, though perhaps not so much in Wellington City. My advice?    Keep calm and carry forward.


Richard Keller

published, 28/01/2016


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