TPP supporters late ‘spin’ reveals ‘part of the club’ mentality again

The Editor,  The Dominion Post,  Wellington

30 January, 2016

Dear Editor:

It is not generally realized that the version of the TPPA the government wants to sign up on 4 February is not likely to be the final version. The USA reserves the right to request changes, which no other country will be able to do, if this version fails to be approved by the US Congress.  And with the variety of opposition in the Congress, it is unlike to pass. 

So why the rush? The NZ electorate, which continues to favour the National Government, does not have to accept what they know is a dead rat TPPA.  The main source of support for the government is its refusal to do anything significant about climate change.  Whether the TPPA is signed or not the government is not going to change its climate policy.  There is no advantage for the electorate to try to struggle through the government’s latest ‘be part of the club’ spin, as embodied in Peter Dunne’s panic loaded exaggeration that NZ would “step off the world” if it doesn’t sign.  All should just go ahead and voice disapproval.


Richard Keller

published  2 Feb, 2016


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