The tortured thinking of Jonathon Milne (Sunday Star Times)

The Editor,  The Sunday Star Times,  Auckland

13 January, 2016

Dear Editor:

There is a similar intent and effect, namely domination, between the now lessened trade embargo of Cuba by USA and the restrictions on democratic sovereignty of the proposed TPPA. In the case of the embargo on Cuba it was a political domination by the big bully neighbour with economic implications, while with the TPPA it is the domination by the narrow profit interests of big bully global corporations with political implications.

Jonathon Milne (editorial 10 Jan) tries to say both of these conflicting developments are good, even consistent with each other. Trying to follow the mind of Mr Milne through the tortured logic of his convoluted paragraphs makes for harrowing reading.     For example, misrepresenting concerns about the government chipping away at its own responsibility for social housing allows him to use the government’s claim those concerns are “building walls” to foreign investment (the common ‘straw man’ attack). Then ignoring the fundamental reality of the global growing gap between affluent and poor, which has largely been manufactured through the race to the bottom (wages) of so called “free trade” globalization, he suggests the TPPA would break down barriers holding down “impoverished workers in developing nations”.


Richard Keller


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