Pacific Climate Change Conference 2016 – Notes from the keynote speech of Anote Tong, president of Kiribati

Pacific Climate Change Conference

Keynote speaker – Anote Tong, President of Kiribati – Monday, 15 Feb., 2016 – Victoria University of Wellington

My notes from his speech:

His story:                     climate change (story not heard)

His means:                  a moral challenge

His need:                     an international agreement

His timing:                   late, but is persisting now

His picture:                  you must be there to see

His people(1):              can no longer hide

His water:                    fresh or salt?

His worry:                    weather patterns

His observation:          NZ North Is and South Is are large

His nation:                   some are moving already; who will stay?

His politics:                  governments have no conscience; elections needed

His humanity:              a matter of conscience

His warning:                without action, must leave

His finance:                 to build resilience

His words:                   realistic, not grumbles

His people(2):              are not ‘refugees’

His investment:           land in Fiji; leads to attention

His thanks:                   Fiji will take people

His challenge(1):         do the right thing

His progress:               corporations are responding

His front line:              coconut trees falling

Our front line:             coming soon

His frustration:            climate denial used as excuse for inaction

His plan:                      private foundations fund his foundation

His challenge(2):         tell the whole story


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