Kilbirnie Festival in Bay Road still possible for 2017

The Editor,  The Cook Strait News,  Wellington

28 February, 2016

Dear Editor:

Your headline last week (25 Feb), “End of an era?” was surely premature. Between Martin Wilson and the Kilbirnie businessmen a good concept could be worked out.  After all, Mr Wilson is organizing a “World Food Day’ for Sun, 13 March this year at St Pats.  The Kilbirnie Festival will never be as good as the Newtown Festival but still worthwhile.

Last year it came out that the Businessmen’s Association had not even talked to Mr. Wilson, the organizer of all previous Kilbirnie Festivals, prior to starting to organize their own plan. That was never going to work well then.  It has not worked well this year either.  But next year can be another try and between them surely something good can be achieved.  If the Association will not talk to Wilson about next year, it would look like they would rather let the Bay Road version of the festival fail than talk to Mr Wilson.  What’s behind that?


Richard Keller

published 03/03/16


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