Submission on the TPPA (International Treaty Examination . . .)

the Clerk of the Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade Committee,  Parliament Buildings, Wellington.

Submitted by:

Richard Keller

International Treaty Examination of the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA)

I recommend dropping the TPPA.

The global finance meltdown of 2007-2008 resulted in a few large finance corporations become fewer in number and more giant in holdings. This startling occurrence cast light on the transformation of the global economy over the last fifty years which had been directed primarily toward widening the gap between the big and the little, between the rich and the poor.  The TPPA is not a trade document but a global governance document in the mold of those taking power from democratic forms and giving them to corporate dominance forms.

Government claims that there are ‘exemptions’ to ISDS provisions for medicines or tobacco legislation fail to address the fact that the treaty will still expect the government to allow the profit desires of the global corporations to take precedence over the health needs of the country.

Government claims that better access to markets for dairy are a reason to sign up to the TPP are debunked in two very high profile ways today:

  1. There is little benefit expected from the agreement for NZ dairy.
  2. We now see how over stated the opportunities are for an expanded dairy industry with increased global competition and downward movement of prices putting immense pressure on Fonterra.The notion that not signing up to the TPP is like dropping off the globe, as some politicians have hinted or actually said, is absurd. In fact, showing the self respect of standing up for our democratic processes might just help others enhance their own self respect as well.10 March, 2016

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