Tea Party in Island Bay? My Gosh!

The Editor,  The Wellingtonian,  Wellington

14 March, 2016

Dear Editor:

Who would have thought an established community, seemingly progressive, like Island Bay would be the site of Wellington’s first outpost of the Tea Party?   The Tea Party, America’s raging deniers of climate change and other indicators of the need for fundamental change, are about to deliver Donald Trump to a Republican Party which has redefined ‘conservative’ to mean desperately avoiding the future.

Now we see this same raging denialism in the spectacle emerging from the cycleway construction.   Opponents of the construction exude an assumption that nothing significant will need to change to the outright dominance of the motor car in the suburb (and the city).

The debate may be talking ‘design flaws’ in the now constructed cycleway, but it will be the impact on the motor car which will linger , out in the open or remaining hidden under its angst, as the source of the discontent. The Island Bay Residents Association, and ambitious city counsellor Paul Eagle, need to understand that they represent the Tea Party in supporting that meeting resolution.


Richard Keller

published 17/03/2016


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