No nukes is the only good nukes

The Editor,  The Dominion Post,  Wellington

25 February, 2016

Dear Editor:

There are no “good nukes” or “less worrisome nuke tests”. Media headlines speak of the Iranian nuclear program and North Korean tests and provocative pronouncements, but relegate notes, if anything, on the continuing tests and huge budgets for nuclear weapon development in the USA and Russia, for example, to the inside pages.  That does not give a true picture of the current dangers of nuclear war and the headlines need to be adjusted.

With the excuse of the WW2 and the Cold War having long since faded, it should be clear that nuclear weapons are not about preserving peace or freedom. There is no such thing as “nuclear deterrence” and never has been; that is only a figment of our collective insanity.  The only use of nuclear weapons is to destroy. Is the stultifying notion that “you can’t change human nature” going to prevent us from creating a new sustainable way without nukes and the worst of climate change?


Richard Keller


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