Nuclear-Free Wellington sign is back!

The Editor,  The Dominion Post,  Wellington

12 April, 2016

Dear Editor:

What a nice surprize to see the old “Welcome to Wellington – A Nuclear Free City” sign (or a very good replica of the original) pop up recently in its former place beside the road from the airport. Little has changed globally as far as nuclear weapons go since the sign was first put up, so it is still relevant.

When the sign was taken down in 2004 by the Airport Corporation they said they needed a sign which represented the vibrant diversity of the city. But the sign they put up was so ‘busy’ in its small space that it was unlikely anyone whizzing by in a vehicle would be able to make out anything other than an abstract splash of colour.  Is that the way the airport views the city?  Perhaps it is an appropriate symbol of the Airport Corporation’s blurry rush to increase air traffic and consequently carbon emissions.

So now we see the proud nuclear-free sign standing shoulder to shoulder with the airport’s marketing tool. What will be next for Wellington in a new world characterized by climate disruption?


Richard Keller

Published 14/04/16

Also in Cook Strait News same day.


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