Earthquakes and Nuclear Bombs?

The Editor,  The Cook Strait News,  Wellington

26 April, 2016

Dear Editor:

H. Westfold’s (21 April) seemingly silly attempt to equate the nature of responses to the threats of earthquakes and nuclear bombs reminds me of a quote from historian Will Durant (The Story of Civilisation, 13 volumes), “Civilisation exists by geological consent, subject to change without notice”. Yes, an earthquake could be a serious threat to continuing civilisation in Wellington, at least if no outside help was available, and no human declaration would eliminate that threat.

By comparison nuclear –free was always a political act designed to grow a global movement to inspire human governments who hold the threat of nuclear weapons in their hands. Mr. Westfold in his shallow attempt at cleverness seems to be implying nuclear weapons are a force of nature outside any control by human civilisation.  This reveals a withered spirit similar to the current desperation evident in the local and global avoidance of any real action on climate change. So Mr. Westfold’s comments are not so much him being silly as emergent from a wider desperation.


Richard Keller

published 28/04/2016


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