Cycleways must be an element in overall transport planning

The Editor,  The Wellingtonian,  Wellington

07 June, 2016

Dear Editor:

G Sanderson (letters, 26 May) is right to say that cycleways should be viewed as an element of overall transport solutions. The controversial part is the priorities given to each type of transport.  Any residential area (such as Island Bay), or shopping area must put the needs of pedestrians first, then personal transport such as cycles, then public transport such as buses, and finally last the personal motor car.

The uproar in Island Bay cannot be found in some problems with a cycleway design or with a supposed ‘ideologically driven council vision’. (It’s only a cycleway Island Bay, get a grip.)  Rather the uproar is about the challenge the actual building of the cycleway (finally) makes to the traditional total dominance of the motor car in transport planning.  What we perhaps are seeing in Island Bay is the first pop-up US-type Tea Party (read: Donald Trump) event in New Zealand.


Richard Keller

published 09/06/2016 (abridged removing the juicy bit about the Island Bay / Donald Trump connection)


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