Airport Corporation dominant player in Wellington planning

The Editor,  The Dominion Post,  Wellington

24 June, 2016

Dear Editor:

The Wellington City Council is not the main player in determining the future of Wellington. Neither is Mayor Wade-Brown.  The Airport Corporation has been dominating the broad discussion for years.  Their ‘vision’ is ‘more’.  More air travel, more tourism, under the magical term, ‘growth’.  Years ago then Councillor Wade-Brown led a long term sustainability vision statement through WCC but that has long since receded out of discussion and just about out of memory.  Nowadays the WCC, in tune with the national and international drone of GDP growth, quietly lets the Airport propose growth strategies like there was no tomorrow.  Or put another way, no change to address the realities of climate change.

A sustainable future will include less air travel and less tourism, not more. Does WCC have a ‘Plan B’ which includes a sustainable future?   The Airport has no ‘Plan B’ for the runway (DomPost, 22/06); they had no ‘Plan’ B’ for the Basin Reserve.  It is sounding like they have no ‘Plan B’ for a sustainable future.  The WCC needs to rein in the Airport and take back the future.


Richard Keller

published Sat, 25 June, 2016  with the following ‘editing’:

“Airport Corporation has” replaced with “Airport bosses have”.  “they had no ‘Plan B’ for the Basin Reserve” replaced with “the council had no ‘Plan B’ for the Basin Reserve”.  I e-mailed the editor complaining about these changes and asked for a response, but no response forthcoming.


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