Brexit supporters’ objections are not primarily about loss of social services, jobs, etc

The Editor,The Herald,  Auckland

28 June, 2016

Dear Editor:

Immigrants are known not to cause loss of social services, jobs, etc. according to some studies. However that may be, the complaints of the Brexit camp in the UK about immigration are not fundamentally about the loss of social services, jobs, etc.  Brexit supporters generally are willing to accept those losses as long as they are led by a culturally and racially traditional ‘British’ leadership.

Why? The 40 year period of growth of the gap between the rich and poor is revealing of what is at play – exploitation ideology.  That is the source of the loss of social services, jobs, and growing inequality, and it has a history in traditional British rule as elsewhere.

Moreover, the application of exploitation ideology has led to the increasingly threats of climate change and the ever present threat of nuclear weapons. Implications of that point to a fundamental change away from a consumer society.  That is terrifying to Brexit supporters and others, and they share that terror with the billionaires and other elite.


Richard Keller




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