Response to Ian Apperley’s Random Rant on Scoop

Before we dismiss the elected WCC for the private sector, let’s look at the ‘why”.  It is most visible in Island Bay where the perhaps surprizing outbreak of US-style Tea Party populism has dominated.  The uproar has not been about cycleways or lack of consultation, but about cars, and in particular the threat to the traditional total dominance of the motor car in long term transport planning.  There is found a more profound angst than economic development failures, contentious water organization relationships, etc.

Currently in the capitol the greater focus on carbon issues can be found at the airport with the proposed extension of the runway.  There will need to be less tourism and less air travel in a carbon constrained world.  The extension is an expression of desperation at that realization.  The Airport Corporation’s shabby analysis so far is indication that the fight will be primarily cultural and political rather than legal and rational.

Until that realization settles the local body election debate there will be more random ranting like Ian Apperley’s above which just plays into the hands of the desperate like the Airport and mayoral candidate Jo Coughlan.


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