Response to “From the Hood : The Second Time as Farce” on Scoop

It seems surreal, the politics of today. Trump, Brexit, Key, “four lanes to the airport”. But actually we all know what it is. The world has changed fundamentally; climate change and nuclear weapons are a reality we need to adjust to; we all know that, but the changes are so profound we panic and pretend we don’t know: it must be some bad dream, a world of clowns.  Or we strike out at the messengers of the frightening reality.   Mayor Wade-Brown always thought the change would happen logically and easily, so much so that she couldn’t be the leader Wellington needed when the reality started to bring out the desperate clowns at the airport, in Island Bay and the Northern suburbs. It still would have been possible for her if she could have come out against the airport runway extension; difficult and protracted yes, but possible.


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