Submission on the Airport Corporation’s application to extend the runway

The suggestion to extend the runway at Wellington airport will be seen in the global context of climate disruption. There will need to be less tourism and less air travel in a carbon constrained world.   Thus tourism and air travel become a symbol of the desperation our culture experiences approaching the nature and extent of required fundamental change.  Desperations of this magnitude must be fed.  Desperations such as seen in ISIS and in the 2003 invasion of Iraq by the Cheney/Bush administration which spawned ISIS, for example, are fed with violence.  In New Zealand such desperation is more found in attempts to put it out of mind, such as the national attraction to the  dispassionism of John Key, and in Wellington in the runway extension proposal and “four lanes to the airport”.

The Airport Corporation’s shabby analyses are pointed out by The Guardians of the Bay’s scientific analysis. In that can be found a more specific indication that Wellington, through its Airport Corporation, will fight this out primarily on cultural and political grounds more than legal (Environment Court) and rational methods.

The areas where this “shabby” effect should be examined are:

  • Cost to ratepayers – especially consider impact of corporate handouts to Infratil
  • Viability – the “build it and they will come” mentality is a fantasy which must be tested in reality. Increasing storm surge will make the runway more difficult to maintain and possibly result in more closures.
  • Economic – a vision of a low carbon future will provide more long term economic opportunities for a majority, though less for elites, than desperate fantasies and corporate handouts
  • Traffic effects during construction – during the day and all night!
  • Health impacts
  • Safety
  • Surfing effects
  • Recreation – kai moana, diving, swimming, life saving, surfing
  • Marine life – Little Blue penguins, reef herons, seals, orca, kelp forests
  • Climate change – the effect of rising sea levels

Dear Greater Wellington Regional Council,

I wish to make a submission on applications WGN160274 & SR357837.

Full Name Richard Keller
Address 13 Endeavour St. Lyall Bay
Wellington Wellington 6022
New Zealand
Contact Phone Number
Email address
Application no: WGN160274 & SR357837 Name of applicant: Wellington International Airport Limited. Proposal (activity type): The applicant is seeking resource consents to enable the construction, operation and maintenance of an extension to its runway via a reclamation of the coastal marine area. I oppose the application
Would you like to speak to your submission at the hearing? Yes
How would you like to be contacted by Council about the Hearing? Post

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