Wellington needs more bus routes, not tinkering and dropping routes

The Editor,  The Wellingtonian,  Wellington

9 September, 2016

Dear Editor:

Former Regional Counsellor Daran Ponter along with current counsellor Paul Bruce took it upon themselves, maybe three years ago, to inform city residents of the proposed changes to bus routes, mostly as a warning it seemed. (“Backlash. . .”, 1 Sept.)

The worry from my view was that the changes were an exercise in reorganizing the routes, not expanding them. The main problem was that some long reaching through routes would be replaced by shorter routes which would often result in the necessity to transfer buses to go the long distances.  Transferring buses was going to be inconvenient or impossible for elderly or frail, but would be frustrating for anyone, especially in bad weather of if the wait meant longer travel times.

But there would be no need for that if bus service was actually increased. The longer through routes could remain and more high passenger volume routes could be added.  What does the Council mean by “modernizing the region’s public transport” besides electric technology?  Improving services?  Or cutting costs?


Richard Keller

published 08/09/16


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