European Union: UN Framework Convention on Climate Change Treaty needs actions

The Editor,  The Herald,  Auckland

19 September, 2016

Dear Editor:

The resident European Heads of Mission in New Zealand have issued a statement about the need to add actions to the negotiated promises of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. Of course this action is long overdue but how will this play in New Zealand?

The main reason the National Government, and in particular the PM John Key have enjoyed such remarkably consistent popularity, in the face of a myriad of problems and failures, is that they have made it clear that they will do nothing significant about climate change. An unspoken terror of the requirement for a substantially new attitude accompanied by significant actions to seriously address climate change has allowed the fog perpetually emerging from the Prime Minister to calm these fears.

If the government ratifies the Treaty and is forced to actually take some concrete actions, then that spell could be broken. A new political landscape could be on the way.


Richard Keller



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