Predictions of Cubs and Trump unrelated

Reply to Gordon Campbell’s column on the US election.

There are no real parallels between the Cubs and Trump. It’s just that predictors like that are the fashionable thing today.  Picking a winner seems more important than making the decision as to which candidate is best.  All options put before us today are out of date and too weak and we know it; that’s what encourages us to go blurry and what is really scary.

The Cubs were heavy favorites to win the World Series and for good reason. This was primarily because the Indian’s starting pitching staff was severely  effected by injury, leaving there 2nd and 3rd best starters (of 5) unable to participate in the Series.  Terry Francona, Tribe manager, knew he would be stretching those 3 starters he had left, and stretching a good relief corps to help the starters at the same time, but felt he had no choice, thus putting the pitching staff in jeopardy of exhaustion by the end of the series.  That the Indians accomplished a 3-1 game advantage only set up the last games to be classic.  The interesting thing was that Francona seemed to talk the Cubs manager, Joe Madden, into the same mode of thinking so that he blundered through his relief assignments in the last two or three games.  Francona was right to think he still had a chance.  The seventh and final game played this out so dramatically, 8-7 in 10 innings won by the Cubs, that this description looks like a grand case of hind sight, but I’m willing to chance it because it was such a great series.

The only resemblance of this to the Presidential election is that predictions are held in such high regard today.


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