response to Gordon Campbell’s article of the media normalisation of Trump.

“Because it is deemed to be good for the citizenry to believe that there is nothing that cannot be resolved by a rational debate, conducted politely between parties who supposedly have the same democratic goals in mind. ” 

This has been illustrated recently in New Zealand more clearly than usual.  Kathryn Ryan on RNZ has been trying so hard on air to understand how someone like Donald Trump could be elected President of the leader of the free world, so to speak.  (Rod Oram too, for that matter, though in a less anguished sort of way.)  Not that I made any predictions about the results of the election, except to observe how the Republican turnout in the primaries had been larger than the Democrats.  But really why is it such a surprize?  And what does that surprize reveal about many people’s reluctance to open their eyes and souls to what is going on in the world today.

Another example here in New Zealand is Nicki Hager’s offering of lame excuses for the electorate’s tacit support of the growth of the spy agencies’ invasion of their privacy.  To say one is against invasions of their privacy, as polls indicate, is one thing and is a rational point of view.  But to fail to take action against this understood fundamental aggression against the population is not consistent with that rational discourse, yet is a political fact.  Why are so many afraid of asking why that is happening?

Your phrase “. . . good for the citizenry to believe . . .” is spot on.  Thank you.


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