Response to Gordon Campbell on the ‘succession’ of Bill English.

“Yet, to pursue the analogy, the severity of hurricanes these days tends to be a symptom of climate change. Similarly, it was the wider climate change within MFAT that drove the formation of this particular hurricane. ”

Gordon, to capture the ‘larger’ larger picture here you should pursue the ‘climate change’ analogy further.  The long run of popularity of one John Key as PM has been largely due to the National Government’s consistent message that they would do nothing significant about climate change.  Essentially, this has been a global phenomenon over the last forty years, not coincidentally actioned by the neo-liberal revolution, with Mr Key perhaps being the person most capable of pulling that off here in the so-called ‘passionless society’.  Something like ‘passionless’ is also a characteristic of a psychopath (medical term), as is the cold calculation of manipulation which you have so quickly and accurately recognized in the English succession.


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