The Key-English transition – response to Hon. Jefferson Smith

The Hon. Jefferson Smith makes similar observations to Gordon Campbell.  It should be especially noted in retrospect that the coolness of the lie Key gave, not only to the electorate but even to his own party (!), about his intentions for the next term is typical of a psychopath.  Also, the noted absence of policy in the proceedings of transition is consistent with a sort of ‘political psychopathy’, though I’m not sure of precisely what I mean by that term, ha.
Others, notably Rod Oram, have also commented on the ‘management’ successes of Key-led National governments but rated them exceptionally low (‘2′ of ’10’!) in leadership for a future politics, which I must say will continue to be dominated, one way or another, by climate change.  This is also consistent with a politics taking its inspiration from the psychology of the psychopath in that it is a manipulation of a desperation gripping the electorate.


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