Walls cannot impose justice

The Editor,  The Sunday Star Times,  Auckland

02 February, 2017

Dear Editor:

Donald Trump’s proposed Mexican Wall is justifiably being criticized internationally. But equating his proposed wall to the Berlin Wall of the cold war era (SST, 29 Jan) needs to be qualified.  The Berlin Wall was intended to keep people IN (in East Germany and in particular East Berlin).  Trump’s wall is intended to keep people OUT.   Trump will be able to make much of that difference so critics should be prepared to counter that particular spin.

Another more sinister wall exists to GRAB land for a nation, namely the walls branching out from Israel. The peoples of Israel and Palestine share claim to this land.

Land is fundamentally important in what it provides for life of all kinds, including the cultures of the peoples occupying it. More than anything else, a peoples’ attitude to the land defines the values of justice.   Walls cannot bring justice; walls must not be used to try to impose a false sense of justice.


Richard Keller

First paragraph only published 05/02/17


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