Year of Wellington City Concert Band

In January, 2016 I joined the Wellington City Concert Band (WCCB) under music director Simon Brew, no longer playing with the Porirua Brass.  WCCB is a new-ish group and had no percussion to rehearse with in recent years (imagine what that was like).  Playing the concert band repertoire is more to my liking, so happy for all of us.

The highlight of the season was to play Alfred Reed’s “El Camino Real”.  The snare drum part is great, but surprisingly tricky, and it was a pleasure to work it out and do it well.  The band performed it twice later in the year.  At the Silverstream Band and Orchestra festival it was a hit.  The festival is primarily a participation festival but they do give one award for the single most outstanding performance and the judge said our  El Camino Real was clearly the one.  Simon was very pleased with the performance and raised his hands in triumph at the finish, then turned around to see both the judge and his assistant giving us a standing ovation!


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