Privatization of education in Oaxaca, Mexico

16 February, 2017

The Editor,  The Progressive Magazine,  Madison, Wisconsin,  USA

Dear Ruth;

Writer Jeff Abbott (Feb ’17) says proposed Mexican education privatization, in particular in Oaxaca state, “are meant more for cutting costs than for the improvement of education”. But that is more the means than the end of the privatization push.  The fundamental purpose is more an attack on a liberal education.  ‘The Plan for Transformation of Education in Oaxaca’ as described by Santiago Montes is a Mexican example of that liberal education:   “where the student is not educated to be a slave or submissive”.

Why is such a liberal education being attacked so strongly in Mexico (and USA and New Zealand for example)? After the 60s and 70s it became clear fundamental change would be required to meet, even survive the challenges of pollution, nuclear weapons, loss of topsoil, etc (and now climate change!) so that education must change focus to enable new thinking away from the exploitation mentality which had guided the development of civilization for centuries or millennia.

The push back to avoid this change has been around for all that time, but only now is that desperation so palpable in the machinations of Donald Trump.


Richard Keller

published April/May 2017


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