Gordon Campbell is right about the dairy industry

The Editor,  The Wellingtonian,  Wellington

09 March, 2017

Dear Editor:

It may seem unkind for Gordon Campbell to use the derogatory term ‘genuflecting’ to describe the government’s upholding of the dairy industry’s views on water quality and swimable rivers (“genuflecting upon the export returns from our daily exporters”, March 2, Wellingtonian). But no, rather it is an appropriate term when understood in the broader cultural influences on policy.

The larger reason why dairy has been promoted so much the last few decades in New Zealand is because it has such an intensive presence on the land and has become symbolic within the public discourse through the vigorous campaigns of environmentalists.

The valid claims of environmentalists have shown that exploitation ideologies and practices like intensive dairying are past their use-by date. They make a fundamental challenge to those ideologies and induce a desperation in their adherents which requires a last chance push back, in this case by the expansion of dairying.


Richard Keller


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