Wayne Mapp is reaching to find support for NZDF

The Editor,  The Herald,  Auckland

28 March, 2017

Dear Editor:


Isaac Davidson (Herald, 24 March) quotes Wayne Mapp but leaves out the most revealing of Mapp’s words:

Mapp: You come back to this point: insurgents, civilians, often in fact the same people. At the time, they were acting in a military fashion. Otherwise, why would they have been engaged? That’s why they were engaged. The NZ Defence Force thought they were under attack. That’s pretty clear actually. Even the authors of the book admit that.

“Otherwise why would they have been engaged?” This is circular reasoning.  The NZ Defence Force was justified because, well, they would be justified.   And the villagers were militants, well, because they would be militants.  And no, the authors of ‘Hit and Run’ don’t admit that the SAS thought they were under attack.  The SAS led force was clearly the aggressors.  Mr Mapp is reaching here.  The inclination to support the SAS regardless is laid so bare that an independent inquiry becomes an intriguing opportunity to delve into the thought processes of the interested parties as well as merely establish facts.


Richard Keller




2 Comments on “Wayne Mapp is reaching to find support for NZDF”

  1. Finlay says:

    Thanks for including the lovely pictures– so open to a sense of reflection.

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