The Greens are important for displaying honesty – long version

The Editor,  The Sunday Star Times,  Auckland

05 April, 2017

Dear Editor:

It is understandable that a political party would be interested in being in government. But the Greens with their roots in environmental and social activism have always been more useful to society in demanding honesty in the public discourse. 

There is no generational conflict today. What we are experiencing is a cultural / historical period bringing to a climax a centuries or millennially long reign of exploitation as the fundamental philosophy guiding western civilization.  Stacy Kirk (Greens show nerve, 2 April) distorts that reality.

The Greens have never had a show at getting into government in New Zealand and with the electorate desperate to avoid the changes required to address climate change, the only way the Greens can get into government now is by dropping the primary importance of honesty.

Kirk’s emotive description of some Green party candidates as “tie-dyed-in-the-wool group of hippies” (Kennedy Graham?!) exposes that she is not interested primarily in an honest understanding of the cultural / historical context today or even of giving political advice to the Greens.  Rather she primarily wants to place herself with the terror of the mainstream at confronting the fundamental implications of climate change.


Richard Keller



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