Accusations of ‘conspiracy theory’ are growing

The Editor,  The Listener,

Private Bag 92512,  Wellesley St.

Auckland 1141

15 April, 2017

Dear Editor,

Attempts to denigrate critics with the accusation of ‘conspiracy theory’ are growing. Not that it is an unknown tactic; in fact it is time honoured.  The usual best response is to air out the facts.  But today, with ‘facts’ competing with ‘alternative facts’, as in Trump’s America for example, that is not as easy as it used to be which encourages greater use of accusations of conspiracy theory.

Today we are in a period of historical flux where some newly established ‘facts’ are especially challenging (e.g. the inconvenient truth of climate change). Accusations of ‘conspiracy theory’ are becoming more desperately required to preserve out of date ‘alternative facts’. Accusations tossed at the Hager/Stevenson book about an SAS incident in Afghanistan, Hit and Run, must be viewed in this larger context.


Richard Keller


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