PM English trying to act like John Key or not?

The Editor,  The Dominion Post,  Wellington

15 April, 2017

Dear editor,

The SAS Afghanistan incident centres on the story of the villagers. Unless any analyst goes directly to the villagers, or at least to the testimony of the villagers, then s/he cannot claim to have examined all the relevant information on the subject.  Furthermore, it is so obvious that the testimony of the villagers is the key, no analyst will expect to be believed unless s/he takes it seriously.

That is what is so curious about PM Bill English’s claim that he has seen all the relevant information while not taking the villager’s testimony seriously. Is he trying to produce a fog which characterized eight years of political success of his predecessor John Key as PM?  The problem PM English has there is that he is actually trying to address some other issues which Key only produced fog on, and that is already making his supporters nervous.  His approach to the SAS story is inconsistent with that and could make his support even more shaky.


Richard Keller

published 20/04/2017


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