Island Bay uproar is still about cars, not a cycleway

The Editor,  The Cook Strait News,  Wellington

06 May, 2017

Dear Editor:

An Island Bay resident was this week quoted in the daily paper about the growing number of cars parked on the streets throughout the village. He says most families have two cars and some even more (as many as five).  What has been happening in Island Bay?  This is a time when public transport and softer options like walking and cycling should be growing.

One thing this illustrates is that the uproar in the Bay last year was not about the cycleway at all. It was about cars.  It was a Tea Party outbreak, the kind which led to the election of Donald Trump in the USA.  Is New Zealand headed for a Tea Party revolt as well?   If so it would be quieter than in Trump’s America.  It would be more like the fog-like atmosphere which NZ experienced under eight years of John Key.


Richard Keller

published 11/05/17


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