Brexit and Trident – Putting the Great back into Great Britain?

The Editor,  The Listener,  Private Bag 92512,  Wellesley St.

Auckland 1141

27 April, 2017

Dear Editor,

Brexit seems to be creating the current politics of Great Britain with the surprize announcement of an early election, revealing an authoritarian tendency which must have been lurking just beneath the surface.

This brings to mind Britain’s Trident submarine nuclear missile system which was re-approved after years of debate only following the Brexit vote. The submarine system is the least controllable nuclear weapon system with the final decision in the hands of the crew, and thus is the most likely to be used.

Was ‘peace’ about to break out if Trident was scrapped? Is debate and democracy a threat to authoritarian tendencies? Has Brexit been a response to these ‘threats of’ peace and democracy?


Richard Keller



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