Island Bay discussion is about cars, not a ‘cycleway’

The Editor,  The Cook Strait News,  Wellington

21 August, 2017

Dear Editor:

In Island Bay they are still trying to hide behind the term ‘cycleway’ in their transport discussions. ‘Cycleway’ is no more than a code word.  What they are, and have always been, talking about is cars.  That tactic is getting in the way of a resolution.

The discussion should begin with these two questions: (1) ‘Why are there so many cars in island Bay?”, and (2) ‘Why are so many car parks allowed to get in the way of other transport options?”  Once the more honest term of ‘cars’ replaces the code word ‘cycleway’ then people can be talking more honestly with each other.


Richard Keller

published 24/08/2017


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