New Zealand Navy in North Korea

The Editor,  The Listener,

Private Bag 92512, Wellesley St.,  Auckland 1141

04 September, 2017

Dear Editor,

New Zealand Navy ship Te Kaha returned to Devonport in July after sailing with the USA Seventh Fleet through the Western Pacific. Consider the implications for NZ anti-nuclear stance if any NZ Navy ship was sailing with a US fleet when an attack was launched over the Korean crisis.The mutual inflammatory rhetoric from the USA and North Korea implicates any navy involved in the fleet. Anti-nuclear advocates world-wide would see New Zealand as compromising its anti-nuclear claims.  If nuclear weapons were used by either side with NZ forces in the mix then in international diplomatic circles our nuclear-free reputation would be in tatters.  We would be left only with our illusion that the current nuclear-free legislation was ever going to be enough to be truly ‘anti-nuclear’ in a world full of nuclear weapons.


Richard Keller

published week dated  16-22 Sept., 2017


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