Letter to Sunday Star-Times on the ‘big lie’ election

The Editor,  The Sunday Star Times,  Auckland

2 October, 2017

Dear Editor:

So much for the old shallow saw, “three terms for one lot, then throw them out for the other lot”. The post-truth era has arrived in New Zealand, not just the States.  National’s instinct for the big lie, that fundamental cultural and economic change is not required to address the threats of climate change and nuclear weapons, was shown to be widely shared by the electorate.

National showed on two occasions over the last year how they were capable of perpetuating a big lie. During the campaign they found a ‘hole’ in the Labour Party’s budget plans.  This hole was widely, if not universally, rejected by experts but National used that opportunity to show they could carry a big lie through.

The other occasion was even more obvious. When Mr. English said a film clip from Defence was enough to convince him there had been no involvement of NZ SAS troops in a fatal attack on civilian villagers in Bamyan Province (Afghanistan) in 2010 no one believed him.  Everyone knew the only way to investigate the situation was to start with the villagers themselves.

Richard Keller

published 15 October, 2017


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