Response to Joe Keefe in Connection (Winter 2018) of Pax World Investments

Hello Pax World Investments,

In Connection (Winter 2018) Joe Keefe makes reference to “cognitive biases” which can (and do) get in the way of “more logical and expansive thinking”.  But he doesn’t say much about what those biases are in the current “Post Truth Era”.   It should be no surprize that this is happening in our time and the Trump presidency is surely an example of cognitive biases at work.  Perhaps Mr Keefe thinks those biases are evident, but the problem is this individual cognitive bias description leaves out the pervasive influence of culture.  There is more sociology than psychology in the Post Truth Era.

The discussion needs to be widened, but I think analysts like Mr Keefe, and academics, and activists of the Left, are afraid to go there as that would bring into question centuries or millennia of some key aspects of the adopted world view they don’t want to examine.

Richard Keller


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