Our superior Jane has ‘still got it’ as the Mother Superior in ‘Nunsense’.

Hi Friends,

Yes, Jane has ‘still got it’ as the Mother Superior in a new locally produced Wing It production of the musical comedy, Nunsense.  Opening to great reviews Tuesday, the show goes until 10 February at the Gryphon Theatre on Ghuznee St.  (see link below to iTicket for times, dates, and tickets)

Now a warning to you is that this show is complete ‘nonsense’.  Perhaps the author (Dan Goggin) thought if he was going to use satire mixed in with silliness he must go all the way, with a preposterous premise (convent cook Sister Julia, ‘Child of God’, has just accidentally poisoned 52 nuns in the convent with her vicious vichyssoise soup and there is a need for just enough more funds to bury the last four, hence the variety show put on by the few remaining nuns.)  But my warning is that there are numerous insensitive, provocative, probably racist, references in the first minutes of the script.  Is this acceptable, or going too far?  It’s a serious question and one that audiences in each succeeding generation will have to judge for themselves.  But the opening impression of the show is that this will be nothing but silliness attempted at some different levels.  Is that enough of an excuse?  I leave it to you; I’m still deciding.

But the highlight of the show is near the end of the first act where our superior Jane, as the Mother Superior, finds a hidden bottle of ‘Rush’ and decides she must examine it closely.  It’s been claimed locally that this role was made for our superior Jane, and if you want to judge that extravagant claim for yourself, you should really come along to the show one night (or afternoon).

Dick (otherwise known as ‘Jane’s husband’)


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