Too many unreliable outbursts

The Editor,  The Dom Post,  Wellington


The only thing we can rely upon is the advice (sometimes differing) of the health experts. We must develop a humility about our human place in the world, a humility which is also needed to move ahead with a ‘BAU is not an option’ approach to creating a new world that will deal with climate change.  There are too many unreliable outbursts from politicians and the media; a few examples:

“Military intelligence” is an oxymoron.  That tried and true satirical observation counters the notion that the Defence Force will be more organized and knowledgeable about the Coronavirus than a similarly organized and knowledgeable civilian.  Minister of Defence Ron Mark may observe that the people of Christchurch paid more attention to lockdown after the earthquake with military presence, though many may resent that insult, but instead what is needed in the Covid-19 era is an understanding of the virus.

The problem is that the world of humans and the world of viruses are  different.  A significant degree of ignorance is a given regardless of who is on the border.  Simon Bridges exposed his ignorance too enthusiastically.  Jerry Brownlee doesn’t even seem to know there is a difference.  Winston Peters says his human world (political) intuition is obvious.   Even the government uses careless language in expressing ‘confidence’.


Richard Keller


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