It’s Labour that is Labour-lite, not The Greens

The Editor,  The Dominion Post (and Weekender),  Wellington


Sue Smith (03/09) claims that the Greens have become ‘Labour-lite’, but she has it backward; Labour is Labour-lite! The Greens have always been a social justice party, coming out of the Values Party of the 70s when reality had become real and there was no widespread climate change denial as there is today.  It is increasingly recognized that the Greens are more of a social justice party than Labour, which is currently neither left nor right, but rather neo-liberal as they cannot escape their history of choosing the desperate, though globally prevalent, neo-liberal approach to change in the 80s.

It is impossible to be a so-called ‘environment party’ without being a social justice party.  Western culture (among others) is based on an exploitation mentality, prevalent in NZ in our well documented white supremacist colonial history, a mentality which has been widely present, though there have been exceptions, throughout human history.  The Greens used to, and still could, lead the debate in both climate change and social justice, but they, especially Co-leader James Shaw, will need to recognize that they need to be independent, as New Zealand doesn’t appear to be ready for either at this point.


Richard Keller


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