The hatred of the Greens is visceral

The Editor,  The DomPost,  Wellington


New Zealand First has been the destroyer of many of the main promises of the Labour Party from the last election (Cap Gains Tax), but where have been the complaints and insults of Winston?  (Thanks to Sharon Murdock, Friday, for illustrating this reality, as she always manages to do.)  Contrast that to the wave of heat against Greens Co-Leader James Shaw for a comparatively minor offence.

Yes, the Green private school grant and loan was against Green Party policy, and yes, Shaw has been out of step with the party membership for some time.  But that doesn’t explain the vitriol from pundits and politicians. The visceral hatred of the Greens is always close to the surface.  The Greens have been right too many times in vocalizing the challenging (terrifying) changes necessary to move forward in a nuclear weapon filled, climate change world with growing inequality that they exist unforgiven.


Richard Keller


2 Comments on “The hatred of the Greens is visceral”

  1. Paul Bruce says:

    thanks for that…


  2. Mike Hor says:

    Justified rejection of the hypocrites masquerading as “green”. Their policy / prejudice is costing NZers jobs (stopped gas exploration ) and increased living costs (eg: bike lanes costing ratepayers millions and making narrow roads narrower) plus meddling in national politics(eg: bringing in an Iranian “refugee” from Australia under false pretences, plus supporting UN extreme agendas) and ‘tax more’ everything / everybody that worked and saved – to give more benefits to the bums. So called ‘green’ solutions to various environmental problems are really bullshit when the full pictures & costs are included – eg: electric cars – what about Lithium batteries (life and disposal; cost of obtaining Lithium , …) and the need for more electricity….
    The normal NZer that works to support family does not have the time nor does he believe the bullshit spouted by trendy “PC” idiots – who managed to get into Parliament and / or sitting on a fat benefit / got a well paying job that allows them to indulged in their expensive “save the planet” habits. Frauds.

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