Denial of science rampant globally, including New Zealand

The Editor,  The Dom Post,  Wellington

07/09/ 2020

Dear Editor:

Congratulations to Carole Naylor for taking public transport (from Papakowhai) and walking into town to shop, with appropriate consumer discipline.  But in her letter she joins the mass of complainers (which she suggests includes councillor Simon Woolf) about parking.

The main problem is the state of public transport, not the state of parking.  The bus realignment a year or so ago was handled so badly it looked to be deliberate.  A conspiracy?  No, just the neo-liberal Council staff plying their denial of the massive changes required to confront climate change, amounting to a denial of science.

There is so much denial of science.  In NZ, we also see the health sciences distrusted in conspiracy theory type accusations against the motivations of the government’s approach to Covid-19 (remember Jerry Brownlee’s embarrassment).  It’s worse in the USA from those who decry the so-called “deep state”, denying racism as well as Covid and climate change.  More subtly, the science of high rise building collapse is still denied in the old NIST ‘official’ explanation of how the World Trade Center Building #7 came down on 9/11/01, as analysed in a recent study from The University of Alaska.


Richard Keller



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