Denial of science is wider than you think

The Editor,  The Sunday Star Times,  Wellington

10/09/ 2020

Dear Editor:

Again we see reports of denial of health science at an American inspired church in Mt Roskill.  Remember Brownlee’s recent conspiracy theory type accusations against the motivations of the government’s approach to Covid-19?

Denial is more main stream than it may seem, the most important one being the denial of the massive changes required to combat climate change.

The denial is worse in the USA with accusations of the so-called “deep state” (what does that even mean?), where historical racism is denied as well as climate change and Covid.  Also, with the 9/11/01 anniversary upon us it is appropriate to note the science of high rise building collapse is still denied in the NIST ‘official’ explanation of how the World Trade Center Building #7 came down, as debunked in a recent study from The University of Alaska.


Richard Keller



Note to Dom Post complaining of propaganda in the ‘This Day in History” section.

Hello Dom Post,

In Friday’s “Today in History” there is a bit of propaganda in the 2001 entry.  The three World Trade Center buildings that came down likely did not come down because of the fires generated by the planes.  A recent study from the University of Alaska shows Building #7 did not come down because of fires and of course it was not hit by a plane anyway.  Yet, all three buildings came down in the same way, directly onto its own ‘footprint’.  No other high rise buildings have come down in that way without controlled demolition, before or since, and these three (#1, 2, and 7) likely are no exception.
These original and continuing claims that the planes brought down the buildings are another example of a denial of science, seemingly more common today, as I have pointed out in recent letters to the editor.
Richard Keller