Submission to Let’s Get Wellington Moving

These paragraphs were used in creating my submission (on their form) to the Let’s Get Wellington Moving project.

Scenario A is the place to start and finish. Getting people onto public transport is the top priority.  Providing better public transport must happen.  Light Rail would be the centre of those improvements.   This should be referred to as “Scenario A+”. Read the rest of this entry »


WCC vs Govt on Town Belt legislation

The Editor,  The Dominion Post,  Wellington

02 September, 2015

Dear Editor:

Thanks should go to the DomPost for the editorial of 21 August on the disagreement between Wellington City Council and the government over town belt legislation, designed by the WCC to save bits of the town belt being chopped off for government sponsored roading, which usefully identified the challenges of the top two actors, the mayor and the government. Read the rest of this entry »

Group submissions to boards of inquiry

11 June, 2014

The Editor, The Wellingtonian

Dear Editor;

The Wellingtonian headline on Ron Beernink’s article on the Basin Bridge submission process (“Speak up, or shut up . . .”) is a bullying phrase unhelpful in promoting democratic participation, and actually not of the same meaning as Mr. Beernink’s phrase, “Speak up or put up”, and so even contradicts the spirit of the article. Read the rest of this entry »